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Emergency Dentistry in Oak Brook, IL

If you or a loved one is suffering from severe toothache or a tooth has been suddenly traumatized, we recommend coming in to All Smiles Dentistry, LLC to receive services for emergency dentistry in Oak Brook, IL. For over 28 years, our dental professionals have prioritized emergency dental issues for children and families. We provide safe, responsible services to resolve your dental emergency quickly so you can restore comfort to your daily life.

Emergency Dentistry Services in Oak Brook, IL

Do I Have a Dental Emergency?

You never know when or where a sudden dental emergency will strike, but when they do, you want the most dedicated dentists there to help you. If you have severe tooth pain or damage, coming in for an emergency appointment is crucial. We make a point of scheduling emergency appointments first and prioritizing care.

A Few Common Emergency Dental Issues

Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Worsening cracks and chips may begin to negatively affect your tooth's root, resulting in permanent damage and tooth extraction.

Knocked Out Teeth

A completely or partially knocked out tooth requires emergency service to save it. Otherwise, you may need a dental implant in the future.

Oral Abscess

An oral abscess is an extremely painful bacterial infection within the mouth. Untreated abscesses can be life-threatening.

Emergency Dental Services in Oak Brook, IL

Come Into Our Practice for Emergency Service

  • Your tooth is completely or partially knocked out.
  • A toothache is causing you chronic and severe pain or discomfort.
  • A chip, crack, or breakage in your tooth is worsening.
  • Your tooth is suffering from an infection.
  • Your gums have swelled up significantly, or you have an abscess.

Why Getting Help Immediately Is Essential

Hopefully, your tooth problem is minor and can be remedied with a routine dental visit, rest, and relaxation. But if you experience any of the above pain, signs, or symptoms, we urge you to make an appointment as soon as possible. Holding off will only worsen the issue, leading to significant treatments that could’ve been avoided.

Friendly Dental Professionals Here to Help

Dental emergencies should always be taken seriously, but help is available. Our team prioritizes emergency situations for children, adults, and families. We’ll accommodate you and your loved one in a warm, welcoming environment and develop specialized treatment plans to help you recover. We’re here to get you back to your life safely and comfortably.

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